Nephrology (Kidneys)

Nephrology (Kidneys)

Keeping in pace with the latest developments in terms of technology and medical advances the mission of the Department of Nephrology is to provide the highest quality of medical services to help kidney disease patients manage their condition.

Our team of eminent nephrologists offers well equipped, high quality and the best in class medical services for the patients having kidney related ailments under one roof.


  • DM/HTN Management
  • AKI/CKD Management 
  •  Kidney stone management 
  • Nephrotic/Nephritic syndrome
  • Electrolyte Disordersmanagement 
  • Kidney Biopsy (CT scan guided)
  • Haemodialysis Catheter (temporary/permacath) insertion
  • Haemodialysis/Peritoneal dialysis
  • Plasma Exchange
  • Intensive care unit (ICU) Dialysis (slow dialysis viz SLED/SCUF)
  •  Separate dialysis machine for patients suffering from Hepatitis B & C.

  • 13 Dialysis Machines of latest make installed in the AKD (Artificial Kidney department
  • Separate dialysis machines for patients suffering from Hepatitis B and C installed in AKD 
  •    (Timings: 05:30am to 02:00am).
  •  3Dialysis Machines for critically ill patients.
  •  Emergency dialysis in ICU for critically ill patients (24/7,365 days per year).
  •  Fully Functional Reverse osmosis (R.O.) plant installed to provide pure water for dialysis purpose


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