We at Holy Spirit Hospital have an evolving and adapting physiotherapy unit offering evidence-based treatments that target not only the symptoms but the cause of the problem. We provide treatment using a team approach to restore function and promote an active lifestyle. Whether you are experiencing an injury or aging on muscles or joints, a professional diagnosis and an effective healing program is the right choice. Our treatments are proven to improve flexibility, strength, coordination, endurance, and balance. Our team performs techniques that provide gradual yet sustainable progress. We want you to recover.

For OPD patients-

Improve flexibility, strength, coordination, endurance, and balance, alleviate pain and provide a home exercise program. We encourage a self help method to attain independence faster.

For IPD patients-

We aim to assist the patient to recover normal physical or higher functions and return to everyday activities at home and work.  Teach you how to be safe and independent when you leave the hospital and provide a home exercise program and a facility to follow up in the physiotherapy Department


1-Musculoskeletal rehabilitation

2-Sports Rehabilitation

3-Foot and Ankle Rehabilitation

3-Hand rehabilitation

4-Neuromuscular Rehabilitation

5-Parkinson's Rehabilitation Program

6-Stroke and Brain Injury Rehabilitation

7-Vestibular Therapy

8-Cancer Rehabilitation

9-Lymphedema Therapy


11-Geriatric care

12-Work Related Disorders

13-Cardio-Pulmonary Rehabilitation (post covid)

14-Non invasive Pelvic Floor and incontinence rehabilitation

15-Post surgical rehabilitation


Electrotherapy Facilities:

Shortwave Diathermy (SWD)

Continuous passive movement (CPM) 

Interferential therapy (IFT)

Transcutaneous Electrical nerve stimulator (TNS)

Ultrasound (US)

Lumbar and cervical traction

Paraffin wax bath (PWB)

Electrical Stimulator (ES)

Moist Heat


Exercise Therapy Equipments and Techniques:

Treadmill, Recumbent cycle, Tilt table, Parallel bar, Gym ball, Balance boards, finger and hand exercisers, weight cuffs, dumb bells, suspension trainer,  therabands, thera tubes, Bosu ball, Gym ball, Fine motor activity boards, weight balls, MFR rollers, Dry needling, Kinesio taping, Mckenzie Techniques, Mulligan mobilization, manual lymphatic drainage, Neural tissue mobilization, PNF, NDT Techniques.


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