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Holy Spirit Hospital 2017-10-03 00:44:25

Excellence in Pharmacy Practices

Excellence in Pharmacy Practices 

Hospital pharmacy essentially works to strengthen the 3 important pillars of the hospital, namely Patient Care, Product Care and Profit Care

Evolving role of Hospital Pharmacies In India:
As per global practices Hospital Pharmacy have been an integral unit in the entire clinical and financial functioning of hospital. Hospital Pharmacy have a compelling role in optimizing patient care. It ensures better outcome to patients and thus helps hospital exceed patient satisfaction. 

Healthcare Senate being India\\\'s Largest Private Sector Healthcare Business summit was held in Hyderabad on 7-9th Sept. 2017.

Holy Spirit Hospital was Awarded the \\\"Best Pharmacy in Standalone Multi-Specialty Hospital Category\\\" in recognition of Best Practices and Excellence in Hospital Pharmacy.

Being chosen amongst a wide range of Corporate Hospitals and Hospital Chains.